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We offer creative book cover designing services utilizing creative typography, illustrations and artwork. Our creative book cover designers have got the necessary skills and expertise to craft book covers that match your requirements and needs. We emphasize the element of creativity to ensure that your book cover design reflects your book’s narrative and plot effortlessly. Our book covers are designed in a way that catches the eye of readers immediately. Work with us to get the best book cover design and let our creativity do the job.

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That Defines Your Legacy

We create attention-grabbing illustrations and photos that make your book stand out from the crowd with high visual appeal. The photos help readers understand the plot and get intrigued by the looks of it.

Standard Black and White

With colorless and monotonous design, we create engaging book covers that help you to get your message across effectively.

Premium Black and White

Combining black and white covers with high-quality papers and printing, we offer premium designs in black and white that outshine anything you’ve ever seen.

Standard Cover

A standard cover is the essence of all your basic requirements. A creative illustration and mixture of colors help your book to grab the spotlight.

Premium Cover

The best-in-class cover design with creativity at the center of it, we offer premium cover designs with high-quality paper and printing. Premium covers at the top-class variant we have to offer. It immediately commands attention.


Tailor-Made For You

With different book cover designs at your disposal, we offer hardback cover, paperback cover and dust jacket cover. We ensure to make your book cover intriguing. Our designers add their creativity to add a lasting legacy to your book.

Dust Jacket Cover

A dust jacket cover protects the book from dust. It also protects the book from harmful spills and scratches. We use matte lamination or glossy covers to enhance the endurance of book covers. It is mostly common in frequently used books. With a matte and glossy look, the book cover becomes attractive and highly intriguing for readers. We do not compromise on quality and timeline, so we value our commitment to timely delivery.

Hardback Cover

With standard book pages on the inside, the hardback cover is durable for books that are frequently used or kept on your bookshelf for a long time. Hardback covers are protective casings for binding books. Using book board, paperboard or heavy cardboard, leather or synthetic covers, hardback covers are known for their sturdiness and ability to withstand rough handling. We offer quality hardback cover services.

Paperback Cover

Paperback covers, also known as softcovers, are made of lightweight materials, such as thin cardboard or heavy paper, which are more pliable and bendable. It offers ease of use and portability for the readers while a soft protective layer protects them from wear and tear. It is a less expensive option but also less durable than hardback and dust jacket cover.

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We commit to delivering the work on time and becoming a trusted ally throughout your literary journey. We ensure timely delivery as we have streamlined our operations for maximum efficiency.


Start the project by connecting with us and our expert consultant will guide you through the process.


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WHAT We Offer

Printed Books

The printed book covers not only captivate readers but also protect the inner pages from wear and tear.

Photo Albums

Photo album covers are complex to be made, but we make it look easy and create stunning photo album covers.

Comic Books

Interesting, engaging and striking comic book covers to compel readers.


Bold and alluring magazine cover designs to introduce you to the world in the best manner.

Year Books

Compile your academic record as a memoir with premium yearbook cover services at eBook Elevators.


Digitally illustrated eBook cover designs that leave an everlasting impression on the viewers.

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