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Scriptwriting can be a daunting task. But our competent writers make it easy for you. You bring the idea, we bring the words – combining to create something extraordinary. eBook Elevators is a trusted service for scriptwriting. Try us now to get guaranteed results.

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Ghostwriting Services

We offer premium ghostwriting services. Our writers are well-versed and experienced to produce a copy according to your needs. We also offer PR and media campaigns. Our audiobook services are rendered with professional voiceover and studio production. We provide you with distribution and retailer accounts for you to receive all rights and royalties. In short, we are an all-in-one solution for your ghostwriting needs.

Converting your idea into a beautifully crafted book

Typesetting, designing and formatting as per your requirements

Critical analysis and thorough review

Editing and proofreading

Publishing, marketing and branding on all platforms

Book coaching

Attractive cover design

Book printing of all kinds


Transforming Your Manuscript to Masterpiece

Your idea could become the next big thing in the world of literature. But you might not have the time or expertise to craft it into a professional book or story. Our professional services help you check all the boxes. We offer all types of writing styles including;


Our creative writers are experts in writing fiction stories with captivating plots and engaging narratives. Our ghostwriting services help you develop the best content by retaining the original idea, characters and plotline.


We offer informative ghostwriting services that are backed by well-researched data, facts and information helping the readers gain knowledge. We capture the gist of your audience and communicate the message effectively.


Memoir ghostwriting services are an area of expertise for our ghostwriters, but they are different from autobiographies. They depict a part of life or a string of events in the author’s life. Blending emotions and sentiments into the copy, we take the readers on a journey to the event creatively.

Children’s Book

We create engaging and compelling storybooks and comics for children that keep their interest. Our creative writers not only make the books visually stunning, but it is also fun and entertaining for children. We make learning a fun activity.

Self-Help Books

Our professional ghostwriters are experts in creating self-help books that help you solve personal problems. By assisting through books, we intend to make the authors global stars through self-help books as they are pretty popular among the general public.


Our ghostwriters are experts in writing author biographies and autobiographies. Without changing the narrative or context, we intend to convey the real life of the author by accurately portraying the emotions and sentiments of the author’s entire life. We conduct extensive and thorough research to make sure that your biography resonates with the audience seamlessly.

Connect with us through call or email and let us guide you through the process, requirements and pricing of expert ghostwriting services for your requirements. You can also start a live chat with one of our representatives.

Crafting Brilliance

Step by Step

We commit to delivering the work on time and becoming a trusted ally throughout your literary journey. We ensure timely delivery as we have streamlined our operations for maximum efficiency.


Start the project by connecting with us and our expert consultant will guide you through the process.


We assign a dedicated project manager to you for maintaining a single point of contact between you and our professional team.


Fast turn-around time, excellent communication and responsive anytime. No missed calls, no delayed email replies, no missed deadlines – we believe in proactivity.


With all the prerequisites set, it’s time to kickstart your project with a project scope defining everything from A to Z.

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