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Before starting to write a book, it is important to have clear vision about two things – what problem does your book solve or what value it adds for them. Secondly, decide why would audience listen to you specifically? If you answer these two questions correctly, you will surely be successful. With the right approach, you are guaranteed to be visible. Remember, you don’t market the book, the book will market you to a best-seller status. As an author, we make you an ‘author brand’ to generate initial sales and get you into the limelight. Moreover, we also provide media exposure to devise a tailored marketing plan to give you the exposure you deserve.

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Honestly, no one reads your book because it is excellently written. The only reason people read books is to know ‘what’s in it for me?’. The world works in this manner. The first step of becoming a successful author or making your book shoot for the stars is to know your target audience. You might have a great idea that looks good on paper. But if your target audience can’t extract value from it, it’s pretty useless. Search the relevant audience with a genuine problem looking for a solution. Then, decide for a topic that addresses the issue. We convert your ideas into a book if you don’t have the necessary expertise to do so. Afterwards, we market your book and present you in a way that practically addresses the audience’s issue by you specifically. Tying it all together is the recipe for a successful book and a best-selling author.

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